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Who is Eurogrifer?

The company offers a wide range of products chosen on the basis of the best quality, the use of innovative materials, the best original projects, in addition of course and in line with the times to carefully focus its offers on what the market suggests.
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From 1988 to date
From the late 1980s to date, Eurogrifer has become one of the largest distributors in the construction industry, thanks to a wide range of premium quality products and the ability to keep pace with an ever-changing market.
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Research & DevelopmentT
Thanks to in-depth and constant analysis, Eurogrifer remains at the forefront in researching the most innovative materials and in developing increasingly high-performance products. A significant example is the recent introduction of Corten.
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Professionalism and competence
and competence
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Wide variety of products
Wide variety
of products
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We have collected the most frequent requests of our customers for you! If you have any doubts, check through our list of questions and answers if there is what you are looking or to understand more. We’ll help you to choose the solution that is right for you with the most comprehensive descriptions possible.
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Questions & answers
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