Who Eurogrifer is

The widest range of building products.

To date, Eurogrifer is one of the most complete companies that distribute building materials: modular fencing, gates, corten-steel fences, grated channels, building products.

The company offers a wide range of products chosen on the basis of the best quality, the use of innovative materials, the best original projects, in addition of course and in line with the times to carefully focus its offers on what the market suggests.

Since 1988, Eurogrifer has been one of the most supplied distributors of building materials for commercial use in the province. Over the years, because of its tenacity in addition to research, the company has managed to guarantee an ever-increasing number of products to offer in its constantly evolving catalogues.

The strength of Eurogrifer, which has made it the company it is today, is identified in a strategy aimed at diversification, confirming its continued success. The market experience gained over the years has allowed the company to ensure not only quantity, but also the best product quality.

With a wealth of knowledge in the field of technical gratings and channels, Dino Parlato decides to found the Eurogrifer company with the awareness of creating a business focused on quality.
Products are added to increase sales potential: hence the idea to also introduce fencing and gates.
A year marking an important turning point for Eurogrifer. Company growth is inevitable, and products start to be ordered in increasingly greater quantities, even encompassing new projects.
The expansion of the company with the continual addition of new products is followed by a commercial extension with new offices and warehouses in the Cornedo Vicentino site.
the Castelgomberto site also returns operational, so as to give more space to the ever more numerous and wider range of products, such as modular fencing made of tubing and wrought iron.
Eurogrifer’s projects and innovations have no respite. 2012 is a year that guarantees a leap forward also from the design point of view: with its team, the company patents a new reinforced and vibrated concrete channel.
From a production point of view, it is a year of innovations: progress is determined by the use of an in-house hot-galvanizing plant, which improves the service.
Eurogrifer begins to distribute Corten steel products: the use of innovative materials determines an important step in terms of quality.

Why choose Eurogrifer?

Safety, Quality and Immediacy

Eurogrifer has successfully worked in the building products sector for more than 30 years. The company’s strength is in the involvement of each and every employee: this ensures timeliness, competence and a direct relationship with customers.

The Veneto-based company has always been committed to studying the market trend down to the smallest detail so as to be able to offer products with the best characteristics at the most competitive price: the search for the most competitive price/quality ratio is emblematic in Eurogrifer’s business.

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