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Speed and efficiency at work

The delivery times of the ordered products are another effective point of the business. The ten-year relationships with the distributors allow Eurogrifer to beat other companies in terms of time, thus guaranteeing a delivery and supply service that is unique in its speed.

The company business is well positioned in the world of distribution thanks to the research that owner Dino Parlato has incessantly carried out over the years to find the best quality to offer his customers: a guaranteed and certified quality in every single product distributed by Eurogrifer in the market.


Product certificates distributed by Eurogrifer

Eurogrifer is ISO and DOP certified. The company protects its customers on the products distributed and ensures the opportunity to request the registered certificates of each single piece in the catalogue.

Design and Instructions

The established experience in the field of Eurogrifer building products, guarantees reliability in all the sales processes: punctuality and precision are the company’s strengths.

The most suitable solutions for user research are recommended, guaranteeing a detailed description of the technical specifications of each product, integrating some of them with the instructions for installation, in order to limit any doubt.

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Questions & answers
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