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Corten steel
An innovative material: properties and aesthetic features

Corten steel Corten steel

Corten steel is a material with low-alloy content. The main features of this material can be identified in the name: CORrosion and TENsile, being of course, corrosion resistant and having tensile strength. Eurogrifer has invested in the study and design of Corten-steel fencing, creating a line of products available in the catalogues.
Corten steel is an innovative material with the property of self-protecting itself from electrochemical corrosion: this allows it to be used to manufacture products intended for outdoor environments in direct contact with atmospheric agents.

Why make a fence with Corten steel?

Under normal environmental conditions this coating is formed in about 18-36 months and its color varies from an initial orange up to a reddish-brown shade, the typical rust coloration that gives the material an aesthetic but also protective effect.

Corten is a living metal: the oxidation process restarts whenever the superficial patina is nicked or scratched, thus always creating new protection.

Corten-steel fence

blue line

Models: Eurogrifer Corten-steel fences are subdivided into three main models which are TIROLO, TRENTINO and BRUNICO.

  • TIROLO: proposed Corten-steel tube with two sized rail and 4 sizes available.
  • TRENTINO: proposed Corten-steel tube with two-dimension cap and 4 sizes available.
  • BRUNICO: proposed Corten-steel tube, single version with cap, available in two versions.

Fastening: the installation of all models can be with a lower bracket to screw to the ground or by sinking.

Details: two models are proposed (Tirolo and Trentino) with supporting pole diameter measurements of 101.6 mm and 114.30 mm with a 60 mm and 76 mm horizontal pole, except for the Brunico model which has vertical poles with a 30 mm diameter.

Finishes: the two types of finish are with cap (mod. Trentino and Brunico) and with rail (mod. Tirolo).

Download pdf download pdf Corten-steel fence
Corten-steel fence

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