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Building products Building products

For all the dedicated research for the sector of building companies, Eurogrifer gathers the best quality of technical products in this catalogue, starting with metal gratings such as driveway gratings, grated steps, moving on to all the sealing accessories as manhole covers.
The catalogue for building products has been enriched with a section dedicated to gas meter boxes and inspection doors as well as to antenna and satellite poles.


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Types: hot- galvanized gratings designed for the multiple solutions for residential or industrial use, grated steps and air vent gratings. These products are ideal for being positioned in areas subject to direct and constant contact with atmospheric agents, guaranteeing total resistance. They are therefore excellent for applications such as fire escapes, plumbing systems, pedestrian or driveway gratings that can support heavy weights such as forklifts, articulated trucks or fire engines.

Download pdf download pdf Gratings

Seals, Cistern covers, and Manhole covers

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Types: the accessories that can be combined with Eurogrifer gratings are the heavy and light seals with hot-galvanized finish, cistern covers to close wells or diesel tanks, flat reinforced manhole covers commonly used to seal water service wells or those of power lines, electricity or gas. All products are delivered with the frame.

Download pdf download pdf Seals, Cistern covers, and Manhole covers
Seals, Cistern covers, and Manhole covers

Drainage channel gratings

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Types: the drainage channel gratings are subdivided into hot-galvanized channel gratings created with a profile suitable to allow greater adherence to the channel together with fastening plates that can be hooked according to regulations; moulded gratings for channels with a predisposition for the screw to lock it; Spheroidal cast iron gratings for channels, all gratings have inclined sides for greater adherence to the channel.
Accessories: fastenings for cast iron gratings complete with screws and bolts.

Download pdf download pdf Drainage channel gratings
Drainage channel gratings

Gas meters

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Types: a range of items is proposed such as galvanized steel or stainless-steel meter reading boxes, galvanized steel and stainless-steel gas meter doors, inspection doors. The ideal products for isolating the gas meter and keep it intact, far from atmospheric agents.

Download pdf download pdf Gas meters
Gas meters

Antenna and satellite poles

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Types: the tube designed to support TV antennas, tested for resistance to atmospheric agents and long-term capacity. Eurogrifer proposes hot-galvanized antenna and satellite poles with height-adjustable clamps to be cemented.

Download pdf download pdf Antenna and satellite poles
Antenna and satellite poles


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